Obsession: Pride, Intrigue, & Prejudice in Victorian England

Created by Kayenta Games

Victorian England, 1840. You are the head of a respected but financially troubled family estate; rooms are closed off to save on upkeep and heating, outside grounds have gone to seed, and the façade is in desperate need of restoration. It is far from the glory days of the estate, but you have new hope. A significant inheritance has made possible the restoration of the grand old manor house and rehabilitation of the family's reputation in the county of Cambridge! Obsession captures the experience of Regency and Victorian England—the beloved world of Jane Austen & Anthony Trollope—in a way that transports family and friends to that unique time and place.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pledge Manager Now Open!
about 2 years ago – Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 09:07:46 PM

Greetings, all! I hope each of you had a fantastic New Year. Mine was great and even came prepackaged with its own resolution for 2018: stop eating like I've lost my mind!


This evening, the Pledge Manager (PM) will be launched, beginning with what they call a Smoke Test, which means that 5% of backers across all pledge levels will be the first to receive the survey. This test is to ensure that all aspects of the survey are running correctly; if you have any issues whatsoever, please message me ASAP or reach out to the Backerkit customer service folks.

If all goes well, tomorrow evening I will open up the PM for the remaining 95%. Note that if you add anything to your pledge, there will be no increase in the cost of shipping. If you have interested fellow gamers living nearby, you have a great way to avoid shipping fees.


Production Update

I am happy to report that artwork is beginning to flow to Panda (who are fantastic people to work with, BTW), and that I expect to get a Panda test version of Obsession complete with custom meeples to be at my house in about a month! Won’t that make for an infinitely more spectacular unboxing video?!


Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Games


Unboxing Day!
over 2 years ago – Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 03:45:14 PM


I apologize that I am a day late posting an update that links to the Unboxing Day videos. I still had family in town and a holiday celebration ongoing...

A couple items to note:

  • These 3 videos are very rough, unedited. They are intended to be a live shot of us opening the prototypes developed collectively here during this campaign.
  • The prototypes are cut with a laser, which creates a soot when the components are initially handled. That is why my hands are dirty!
  • The local manufacturer does not handle margins and bleeds as well as Panda Games, so you will see some margin issues; do not fear. Panda made Castles of Mad King Ludwig, the shining testament to their ability to manage margins with precision.
  • The videos are too large to embed here, so links are provided.
  • Finally, there is still a couple small areas where work needs to be done. Those are noted in the video. The most prominent is that accents have been added to the family cards; here is a photo of those accents, which include 1) purple frame, 2) letter inside frame, 3) family reference in the general text area, and 4) improved iconography for the Lady of the house.
Wessex Family with Updated Accents (click to enlarge)
Wessex Family with Updated Accents (click to enlarge)



Thanks! I am recording gameplay videos with the new components and will post those soon.

Happy New Year!

Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Games


Late Pledges, Bulk Orders, and a Pledge Manager Update
over 2 years ago – Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 09:28:39 PM


A few updates this evening (Ohio, USA time)...

Late Pledges

Late pledge capability is now live on the Obsession campaign front page! Or right here, if you are impatient. 

Pledge Manager

I was going to start the Pledge Manager on 12/27, two weeks after the end of the Kickstarter, but I've now decided to push it back until 1/2/2018 to be free and clear of the holiday season. Customer service is limited that first week, and the first week is usually the busiest!

Bulk Orders

BackerKit is wonderfully flexible, so I was able to set up no incremental shipping charge for any additions to your pledge. For those who asked for the ability to order for friends/groups, the addition of either the base game or the expansion occurs without a change in the Shipping Flat Rate.

Enjoy the holiday and end of year celebration! I will touch base at the end of the month with the specific timing of the Pledge Manager launch.

Happy Holidays!

Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Publishing


Unboxing and Late Pledges
over 2 years ago – Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 12:02:59 AM


I have been shut in the design lab expediting a nearly complete set of new art for our holiday unboxing video.

That order is now in! I am hoping to receive those prototypes by 12/27...there are some spectacular components coming our way!

Now that new art prototypes are ordered, I will be focusing on fine-tuning the pledge manager, which will include the ability to manage late pledges. I am planning a post in the next two days with instructions for those who missed the campaign (many have contacted me), as well as confirmation of when the pledge manager will be opened for all of you.

Thank you!

Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Games

Pledge Manager Preview Discussion
over 2 years ago – Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 10:56:11 PM

Greetings, Backers!

Next Steps

Over the next two weeks, Kickstarter will be collecting money from all of you and resolving credit card issues, if any. Just after that, I will open the BackerKit Pledge Manager, which will ask for detailed shipping information and permit you to upgrade your pledge if you so choose. I know that metal coins and custom meeples would have been attractive add-ons, but for my first project, I am keeping my focus on delivering the highest quality core game and expansion.

I will cover in detail how the pledge manager will work in my next update.


A note about shipping cost: I have loaded the flat rate shipping presented near the end of the campaign for the geographies mentioned as well as for any geographies (such as Israel and South Africa) where I have been contacted directly. If you are not in any of these places, contact me so I can get a low-end quote and upload. Otherwise the ROTW shipping defaults to $40! 

BackerKit Shipping Currently Loaded
BackerKit Shipping Currently Loaded

Further note: There are no different shipping charges! If you order one or 10 games, the shipping charge is that same flat rate I presented to you. So, if you order just the base game or the two game/expansion package, the shipping charge is the same flat rate.

A note, too, about shipping either being included or not included in the KS campaign; BackerKit handles both without fuss (I didn’t know this when I sent out Update #11).

  • For example, if you pledged $59 and live in the UK, you will have $59.00 applied to the Queen Victoria pledge level and see your shipping of $10.00 preloaded (for the UK) that you will pay in the manager.
  • If you pledged $69, you will have $59.00 applied to that Queen Victoria pledge level and an open $10.00 credit, which will then pay your shipping of $10.00 with no further charges. BackerKit is smarter than I am, as you can see.

Pledge Manager Duration

The pledge manager will run until the end of January (so it will be open about a month). If you have ANY questions during this time, you can reach out the BackerKit customer service people of me directly in the Kickstarter messaging system.

Prototype Art Unboxing!

In the meantime, there is a big event you can anticipate over the end of the year holidays: I will have an “unboxing” video with the new (locally produced prototype) art, followed by a complete solo game (be warned, it will be a long video). I want everyone to see your art up close and in action in case there is a tweak needed before engaging Panda.

Thanks again, everyone, for the support!

Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Games